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We are confident about ScreenSavior™’s high quality and every ScreenSavior™ has a limited lifetime warranty. If your ScreenSavior™ screen protector gets damaged in normal usage, we will replace it with a new one.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

If you have registered your ScreenSavior™ product by using the form on this page, you are safe. We don’t suspect our customers, but in certain cases where ScreenSavior™ product has clearly been treated inappropriately, adhesive has seen several attachments and unattachments or glass has encountered great deal of impact, we kindly ask you to be reasonable with your warranty requests.

ScreenSavior™ itself doesn’t damage your device if used properly, not even in the case when protector itself breaks. Unfortunately, there can be situations where mobile device’s display breaks despite all the possible protection, thus we cannot be responsible for damages caused to your mobile device.

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