ScreenSavior™ is carefully engineered and manufactured in Finland to offer not only the ultimate protection for your device’s original screen; but also to provide a carefully engineered Nano coated surface, which creates a hard, durable and optically clear screen; smooth to touch and easy to wipe clean.

ScreenSavior™ gives your device’s screen the ultimate protection without impairing it’s function or feel in any way. If your device is already showing its age then the addition of a ScreenSavior™ will make it feel like new again.



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Premium quality tempered glass, further strengthened by the application of a 2micron layer of siloxane polymer hard coating, providing the ultimate in impact protection.

 In carefully controlled, Industry standard ‘Ball Drop*’ testing, ScreenSavior™ has proved to outperform all comparable products and provides the highest level of impact protection.

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ball drop test

* Ball drop testing involves the controlled drop of an ISO 6603-1 certified weight ball bearing under gravity from pre- measured heights.


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Device protection should not impair optical performance. Developed originally for the solar power industry. The ScreenSavior™ coating has a higher light transmission rate than the original device glass, meaning the clarity, brightness and colour rendition of your device’s screen is actually as bright and as accurate as the original with the added benefit that reflection at the screen surface is slightly reduced.

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Optical performance

ScreenSavior™ is designed to preserve optical performance. Colour will be rendered accurately, whereas the alternative screen protectors in this test will tend to give higher surface reflection and inaccurate colour rendition in the 360 to 480nm (blue) spectrum range.


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A good quality tablet or smartphone, when it is new, should have a surface coating on the screen that feels very smooth to touch and is easy to wipe clean.

Sustained testing with abrasive fabric* mimics the real life usage of a touch screen. Over time the outer coating will rub away leaving behind bare and scratched glass. Under tests designed to represent five-years of repeated usage ScreenSavior™ outperforms all alternative products tested.

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contact angle

Contact Angle: Is a measure analogous to how well a surface sheds water and grease. Bare glass has approximately a 500 contact angle.

ScreenSavior™ products are subject to wire wool abrasion (5,000 cycles) and sustained cheesecloth abrasion (200,000 cycles)