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ScreenSavior™ is a touch screen protector designed and manufactured in Finland. Strengthened glass protector’s purpose is to protect your device’s original touch screen the best possible way, without sacrificing its usability, not even in the long run.

ScreenSavior™ screen protector is not just ultimate protection against screatches and impacts, but it also has a special nano-coating that keeps the screen optically clear and free of stains. ScreenSavior™’s coating is very comfortable to use and it is also scratch and abrasion resistant.

ScreenSavior™ offers great protection with no optical of physical interfence that would restrict you from using your mobile device just as you would without any protection. If your old touch screen has started to show signs of wearing and it doesn’t feel nice under your fingertips, you may make it feel like new again with a ScreenSavior™ glass protector.

Key properties

Impact resistance

Optical performance


Easy to clean


Almost invisible

Easy to apply

Lifetime warranty