ScreenSavior™ is a protective glass cover that guards your original screen from scratches, breakage and degradation. ScreenSavior™ is made using chemically tempered glass and the application of a specially formulated oleo-phobic, abrasion resistant, hard coating that reduces smudges, fingerprints and surface friction.

ScreenSavior™ does not damage your original device screen and the packaging incorporates a specially designed alignment facilitys making the application of your new screen protector easy and accurate.

Installation instructions:
1. First clean your phone's own screen with the wet wipe and then dry with the micro fiber cloth provided.
2. Ensure, that the glass/film is properly seated in alignment tool and without removing the glass/film from the tool, carefully remove it's protective cover.
3. Place your phone on the table and position the alignment tool (incorporating the glass/film) directly on top of your phone.
4. Ensure that the alignment tool is fitting snugly on top of your phone & gently press down starting from the middle and working out towards the edges.
5. Remove the alignment tool and finish the installation with micro fiber cloth.

Safety and maintenance

Chemically tempered glass is a safe glass type. It withstands more than ordinary glass with respect to load, impact, bending, high temperatures and rapid temperature changes.

If damaged tempered glass breaks into small granular parts unlike standard broken glass, which is characterized by a sharp cutting edge. This does not mean, that the tempered glass would be absolutely safe to handle if it breaks. It can still cause wounds and/or injuries. Be aware of the risks and carefully follow the precautions. If damaged, and use of the glass is continued, it may cause the glass to fragment unexpectedly, which could result in accident for the user and/or third parties.

Avoid contact with sand, stones etc., because they can cause breakage and fragmentation. Store away from extreme hot and cold place. Do not immerse in cold or hot water.

Handling and destruction

Please dispose of the tempered glass in a secure way so that you do not cause any injuries to yourself or other people.

If removing pieces of broken glass, always wear protective gloves. Wrap broken glass between pieces of paper. Please dispose of glass by recycling it. If the glass is broken, sweep and vacuum clean the area carefully. This way you can make sure that the area is perfectly clean of broken glass. Be extremely cautious when handling the glass.