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We have gathered a list of FAQ’s, where you can easily find answers on some of the frequently asked questions about ScreenSavior™. We are always willing to help you via email, but sometimes answering may take few days. Please look around this page to see if your question is already been answered.

How does the limited Lifetime Warranty work?

We have tried to create a protector that will give you long service, provided it does not suffer extreme impact damage we believe your ScreenSavior™ should have as long a useful life as the device for which you bought it. We therefore undertake to provide a like for like replacement service for the lifetime of your device.
Device manufacturers frequently change device sizes and screen dimensions, therefore we undertake to honor our limited lifetime warranty from the date of purchase until such time as your device has been superseded by two original manufacturer product releases.

What is covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty?

Provided you have registered your ScreenSavior™ with us and can provide proof of purchase we will honor the warranty in all reasonable circumstances. We will always give our customers the benefit of the doubt but in circumstances where the ScreenSavior™ has obviously suffered deliberate damage, or the adhesive has been rendered ineffective by repeated removal and repositioning or where the ScreenSavior is completely destroyed through high impact damage we have to ask you to be reasonable in your requests for a replacement.

Does the Warranty cover damage to my device?

We warrant that the addition of a ScreenSavior™ will not damage your device.

ScreenSavior™ is designed to offer greatly increased protection from impact damage; however the level of impact you device may sustain is outside of our control therefore we cannot offer insurance or a warranty for damage sustained by your original device.

Is Battery life affected?

ScreenSavior™ places no extra demands on your device’s battery. In many cases the light transmission rate of ScreenSavior™ is so high that annoying reflection at the screen surface is actually reduced, this means you may be able to save battery life by dimming your screen’s brightness, even in high daylight viewing conditions.

What do you mean by colour accuracy?

The light transmission capability of ScreenSavior™ is very high and is also very linear, meaning the entire visible spectrum is accurately transmitted through the Nano-coating and the glass, meaning that you see exactly the same colours as you would on your original screen.
How will ScreenSavior™ protect my device’s original screen from impact damage?

Please note ScreenSavior™ glass protectors are extremely durable but they are not totally unbreakable. Under normal circumstances ScreenSavior™ will remain intact even under impact. However If you device suffers a substantial impact it is possible that the ScreenSavior will absorb the impact and be damaged but the underlying device screen will remain undamaged, in these circumstances you just need a new ScreenSavior™ and not a new device. In effect a ScreenSavior™ acts rather like a crumple zone on a car, absorbing the impact and protecting the rest of the vehicle.

The edges of all glass screens are the most vulnerable to impact damage, even though ScreenSavior™ offers considerably increased protection from impact damage we still recommend the use of a case or bumper to protect your device in addition to the ScreenSavior.

What is meant by long-term unavoidable abrasion?

The screens of mobile devices, particularly those which go in our pockets, backpacks and handbags have a very tough life, they are always exposed to the dangers of scratching from keys, fingernails etc. But they are also exposed to abrasion caused by constant rubbing on clothing fabric, continual touching in normal use and repeated cleaning. Every time anyone takes a selfie picture they rub the screen on their clothing first to make sure it is clean, all of this everyday abrasion wears out the surface of your devices’ screen. The addition of a ScreenSavior™ with its very hard abrasion resistant coating means you need not worry about your original screen coating.

Why does my Original device screen start life very slippy and then get sticky?

Most good quality touchscreens have some type of initial coating to make them easy to wipe clean and smooth to touch (this is often called oleo phobic) usually those coating layers are very thin and quite soft, meaning they literally rub off from your device, usually within the first six months or so of it’s life. You are then left with a bare glass surface which is harder to clean and far more abrasive to touch.

Can I remove and replace/ reposition my ScreenSavior™?

ScreenSavior™ is designed to be fitted once and then left alone, however gently lifting one corner and allowing the glass to steadily lift itself away from your device’s original screen can remove it. ScreenSavior™ adhesive will not leave any residue on your original screen. Removal and repositioning can only be done a few (one or two) times. Please take great care not to get any dirt of dust on the adhesive surface during any removal process, once you have contaminated the adhesive surface with dust or other debris you will not be able to get a good fix to your devices’ original screen.