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About us

We at Optitune create coatings. Usually these coatings are invisible to bare eyes, they are complex chemical compounds, which are designed to improve technical properties of different glass and plastic substrates. The purpose of a coating can be superior clarity, hardness improvement, scratch resistance, easy-to-clean etc. Our background is very scientific and most of the people working at Optitune are doctors, chemists, engineers and laboratory technicians, whose primary goal is to make these coatings even better.

ScreenSavior™ products were created for marketing purposes of our special hard coatings. We had developed an extremely hard, abrasion resistant, water and smudge repellent coating which had very good optical performance too, and we wanted to present its ultimate properties to our customers. Touch screen protector is a great example of what our coating can do! Of course, ScreenSavior™ is not ScreenSavior™ only because of its coating, but it also combines some other fields of expertise we can be proud of. ScreenSavior™ is made in Oulu, Finland. It is designed by us and its core is chemically strengthened to our specification. We coat every one and each ScreenSavior™ in house with our special nanocoating. We test, evaluate and compare our products to best offerings in the market continuously. We use several different test methods and in general, we have a lot of experience from all sorts of glass products and their coatings. All in all, we can proudly say ScreenSavior™ truly is an ultimate screen protector.